Mercer Labs: Museum of Art and Technology

Mercer Labs: Museum of Art and Technology

About Us

Mercer Labs challenges the format of a museum, hierarchies between art and its environment are dissolved. With every brushstroke of code and every meticulously designed interactive interface, we investigate uncharted territory.

At 36,000 sq ft, the architectural narrative of Mercer Labs, hosts, fifteen exhibition spaces in which experiments in art are conducted using technology as the blank canvas. The ever-evolving experience invites you to explore the world through another point of view.

Through interactive experiences and unique listening encounters, testing, research, and a commitment to the symbiotic relationship between art and technology we move into the new era of creative expression. We invite you to embrace your unapologetically original self, and the uniqueness of your experience.

As we allow disciplines to merge the creative potential of the transformative power of technology is fully unbound. Mercer Labs serves as a platform for all creatives to explore new frontiers. A place where diversity and inclusivity are celebrated, Mercer Labs, is a reflection of change.

Founded by Artist Roy Nachum and visionary Michael Cayre. Mercer Labs is born from an idea, that breaks free of the constraints on creative practice and is limitless beyond limitations.

Mercer Labs on-site laboratory is at the core of the vision. The Lab facilitates an ongoing exchange among artists,, engineers, mathematicians and creatives brings collaboration to the edge of the impossible.

Roy Nachum, the creative force behind the project, is known for his multi-disciplinary practice that experiments with human perception through painting, sculpture, architecture, installation and design. Nachum is a bridge builder, breaking down barriers and uniting people through art.

Michael Cayre, visionary developer, renowned entrepreneur, leader and philanthropist. In addition to Mercer Labs, he is also co-founder and CEO of Casa Cipriani and Midtown Equities, and has played a pivotal role in transforming landscapes and revitalizing communities.

The function of art is to see the world with new eyes. To motivate our community to consistently challenge and re-invent the world around us. Mercer Labs is a construct, a framework for our collective future. Through experimentation and research Mercer Labs iterates its way to a more positive future. Mercer Labs gives life back to the Museum experience, continuing the story and creating a new cycle.

We believe that by combining creative thought with practical action, we can address global challenges and build a better future together. Mercer Labs welcomes change.

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